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Mouvement Européen - Europese Beweging

november 2012

05 Nov


Building the EU citizen pillar

Organised by ECAS in co-operation with Euronews. The focus will be on strengthening European citizenship and direct democracy in Europe. In a time of crisis and dwindling support for the European project, it is crucial to involve citizens in the decision-making of the Union and to strengthen European citizenship to avoid leaving citizens behind. Therefore, 2013 will be the European Year of Citizens. Translation will be provided in English, French and German. Venue: European Economic and Social Committee (Room VM 3-2nd floor), 2 rue Van Maerlant, 1000 Brussels. Registration via More info via

07 > 11 Nov

Activiteiten 18-30 jaar

Workshop on Democracy 2012

JEF - International Seminar organised by JEFfers from Spain. A two step project to promote awareness about democracy within Europe and its challenges: an international workshop & a set of follow up activities developped by the participants. Participants will learn through non formal education procedures about democracy and will exchange their views about present threats. They will define and lead a set of activities aiming to promote more democracy in Europe. Some vacant places for people from Belgium! The free spots will be assigned upon arrival of the application. The seminar will deal with the topic of democracy. There is a 60€ fee which includes accommodation, food and a 70% of travel reimboursement up to 100€. More information & registration via